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Travis Tritt - The Biography
Travis Tritt Release New Album
And A Duet With Daughter

Recorded with his  daughter,  Tyler Reese, Travis  Tritt  has released  "Sometimes Love Just
Ain't Enough", a  remake  of the hit recorded by Patty Smyth and Don Henley.  As the  old
saying   goes,  "the apple doesn't fall far from  the  tree"  and Tyler's talent stands out in this
single. She has  a  rich  voice with amazing could tell  how  proud  Travis  was
by watching his face while recording  the  tune in  the  studio with her.

Travis  said,  "We  were driving  home  from   a   wedding   in Florida when the song came up on
my iPod and Tyler started singing along in the backseat.  When we got home I  told  my
wife that I thought Tyler Reese could do a great job on this.  I know I sound like  a  biased
parent,  but  she's  got  a  lot  of talent and charisma.  The  recording  speaks  for  itself.  She
really nailed it."

Tritt's   latest   album,  "The  Calm  After",  was released July 9th, which includes the duet with
Tyler, through his own record label, Post Oak Recordings.

This is his first album since 2007 when he released "The Storm" through a record label that
went belly up. That album never got off the ground.   After years of litigation to obtain
the masters to his recordings from that record label, last year he got the masters back. and
remastered all the songs calling the new album "The Calm After". Tow additional songs
were added.

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