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Summer Cunningham
American Idol Contestant From Warner Robins, GA

Summer Cunningham of Warner Robins, GA  was  chosen  to
compete to become the next American Idol. All judges agreed
that her voice is great, but when Keith Urban asked  her  what
she saw  as  herself  as  a  singer  she  told  him  she  did  the
"country thing", but felt like she was more of a soulful  country
Keith   took  exception  to  her  comment  about  " the
country thing"  saying  " that's  like  sayin  "  I   did   the   brain
surgeon thing, it's like either you're a brain surgeon  or  you're
not". After Summer's interview with the judges ( although  she
was still in the room)  a  debate  over  the  issue  arose  when
Nicki   Manaj   felt   the   others  were  picking  Summer  apart
saying, "for a minute  I  thought  it  was  like  a  country  music
debate." She felt like the other judges  were  putting  Summer
in a position that would alter her  response  to  what  genre  of
music   she  sang.   Ultimately,  Nicki  walked  away  from  the
judges panel table and walked out.

In  the  end  there   was  no  question  about  the  talent   that
Summer  displayed  during  her  audition  and  all  the  judges
praised her performance and  said  "yes" for her  to  go  on  to
Hollywood and  compete  to  become the next American  Idol.
Let's hope the brew ha ha  among  the  judges  will  only  help
Summer  gain  more  public  attention  to her talent  and  we'll
have back to  back  Georgia music artists  as American  Idol

Summer's  inspiration  for  performing  music  came  from  her
dad. He  took  her  to  Disney  World,  when  she  was  only  5
years  old, to   sing  in  her  school  talent  show.  She's  been
singing  since  and  is  now  20.  While  her  favorite  music  is
country music, she puts  a  soulful  sound  to  the  songs  that
she  sings  giving  her  a  unique  style.   While having sung  a
variety of genre of  music,  she  loves  country music because
as she puts it, "it's  just  like  real, I  mean  I  feel  it's  just  like
being home almost."