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Southern Rock Music History
By Charlie O'Brien

When Southern Rock was born in the early 1970's, there  wasn't a genre for that style of music.  Rock,
blues, soul and  boogie flavored with a little country makes up the main   ingredients  of southern rock.
With the music emphasizing guitars,  the  sound  of  a  slide  guitar  separated  southern rock from any
other type of music.  The Allman Brothers were the pioneers of southern rock and really didn't set out to
create another genre of sorts.  They  were  just  making music....and that they did.  Gregg Allman says
when people say southern rock,  it's like saying "rock rock". 


Along with The Allman Brothers, other strong pioneers and a heavy influence on southern rock  were The
Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Charlie Daniels Band, Atlanta Rhythm Section,
The Outlaws and Grinderswitch. There were many other bands that contributed to its success and put out
some great music, awesome music, but just didn't have the success like those bands. Those bands
deserve a lot of credit and we're working now on identifying the ones we don't have on our site and radio
station yet.  We're going to get them on and make certain they're recognized. 

Back in the 1970's, it wasn't anything for friends to be hanging out spreading a blanket on the ground in
Central City Park in Macon, GA  while Jimmy Hall and Wet Willie, Gregg and The Allman Brothers, Toy
and The Marshall Tucker Band and others jammed like they were performing for the big bucks - or to walk
into Grant's Lounge and find them jamming. The fact is, they didn't charge anyone - it was free. They did
it because they loved their music and wanted to share it with the fans and fortunately it paid off for them. 
Whenever you're able to see these guys perform, you definitely should go. The heritage of their music is
deep and their experience is well beyond anything you can imagine.

Southern Rock has a special  place  in my  heart  and  The Georgia Music Channel  recognizes  it as  a 
true  genre  of  some  of the  greatest  music  of  all  time.   Ya'll  keep  the  music  alive  and "Keep On

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