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Paul Cochran - Music Producer


In his early 20s, Paul began his career as a schoolteacher and basketball coach at Happy Valley High School in Carter County, Tennessee.  It was after attending a Rock & Roll show in Charlotte North Carolina that his interests grew in music promotion.  Paul soon took a career move landing him in Clearwater Florida as a coach,  youth maritime director and dance host for the Clearwater recreation department.  As dance host and director for the recreation department, Paul began organizing dance shows for the youth in the area.  His first band to make the scene was a five man band called "Terry And The Pirates".  The band consisted of a lead guitarist, bass guitarist, hammond organ player, saxaphone and drummer.  The shows began and Terry And The Pirates eventually became a house band for the recreation department.

In August 1961 after putting back proceeds made from earlier shows, Paul launched an idea.  Bring in several major artists for a rock show.  On Wednesday August 16, 1961 in cooperation with WLCY Radio and the Clearwater Recreation Department a Stars Spectacular Show was held at the municipal auditorium in Clearwater featuring some of the nation's top recording stars.  Headliners were:  Dion - Bobby Vee - Jack Scott - Joan Campbell - Curtis Lee.  The show was a hugh success.  Plans were made for another show.

On Saturday October 7, 1961 another show was held.  The Mar-Keys and Terry And The Pirates Orchestra performed and again the show was a huge success.  This made way for more shows continuing into 1962 as follows:

Saturday October 21, 1961 ............ Del Shannon - Johnny Tillotson - Bryan Hyland
                                                       Backed by Terry And The Pirates Orchestra

Wednesday November 22, 1961 .... Freddie Cannon - Ral Donner - Ray Peterson
                                                       The Impacs - The Midnighters - The Mystics
                                                       Terry And The Pirates Orchestra

Friday December 1, 1961 .............. Roy Orbison - Johnny Burnette - Dick & Dee Dee
                                                       Terry And The Pirates - The Rockers - The Impacs

Saturday January 20, 1962 ........... Curtis Lee - The Impacs - The Mystics
                                                       The Shamrocks

Saturday February 24, 1962 .......... Dion - The Impacs - The Mystics

Saturday March 3, 1962 ................ Neil Sedaka - The Impacs - The Mystics

Friday March 9, 1962 .................... Bobby Lewis - Gene Franklin And The
                                                       Houserockers featuring Texas Ray

Many more acts followed such as The Roemans, The Rolling Stones, Ray Stevens, Gene Pitney, Fabian, Bobby Rydell, Tommy Roe, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Everly Brothers, Manfred Mann, The Beach Boys, Bruce Chanell, Johnny Crawford, Dale & Grace, etc.

Alan Diggs
Introduced The Roemans & Classics IV
To Paul Cochran and Together They Managed
These Two Bands.  Alan Diggs Was A Newport
Richey Police Officer.

Buddy Buie
Together with Paul Cochran a professional
promotion and management company emerged....
The Buie-Cochran Management Company

Buddy Buie ......     Time Frame Around 1962 - 1963

Through the promotion of shows Paul met a young man from Dothan Alabama.  His name was Buddy Buie.  Buddy had been promoting shows in Alabama and Georgia with equal success and after some discussion, Paul and Buddy began buying acts for about two weeks at a time and began swapping performances between the two.

So great was the outcome that The Buie Cochran Management Company was formed.  Paul was managing a couple of major acts.  The Roemans and The Classics IV.  Buddy was also managing successful acts such as The James Gang and The Webbs with Bobby Goldsboro (Later became The Candymen).  Once during a show, Roy Orbison used the Webbs to back his performance.  Upon hearing them and very much impressed, Roy immediately began using the Webbs (Now under the name The Candymen) to back his performances.  Bobby Goldsboro left the Webbs when he scored a hit of his own 'See The Funny Little Clown.'

As time progressed (1965), Paul and Buddy moved to Atlanta, Georgia and formed Low-Sal publishing with Bill Lowery.  During this time Low-Sal Publishing experienced extreme success with The Classic IV, Joe South, The Candymen, Sandy Posey, The James Gang, etc.  The recordings were made at an old schoolhouse in north Atlanta and owned by Walter Gearhart.  The schoolhouse was originally known as Brookhaven School and now torn down, was located near existing Brookhaven Station of Municipal Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority.  Recordings by Billy Joe Royal, Joe South, Ray Stevens, Jerry Reed, James Brown, Roy Orbison, The Tams, The Swinging Medallions, and other greats were post products from this old schoolhouse.

Studio One ......    Time Frame Around 1970

Buddy Buie, J. R. Cobb, Paul Cochran and Bill Lowery started up a new venture called Studio One which gave birth to the Atlanta Rhythm Section.  the studio became famous for recording bands such as The Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Charlie Daniel's Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, Billy Jow Royal, Joe South, Lynard Skynard, Journey, Alice Cooper, The Outlaws, 38 Special, B. J. Thomas, Dee Clark, Alicia Bridges and many more.  By 1980 Paul had sold his interest in Low-Sal Music and Studio One.  He was managing acts such as Billy Joe Royal, Joe South, Back Alley Bandits and Beaver Teeth.  His production company in association with the Wendy's" Hamburger chain produced the "Where's The Beef" song.  Clare Peller (the elderly lady from the tv commercials) and Cayote McCloud recorded the song.

Chips Moman......     Time Frame Around 1984

In 1984, Chips Moman, legendary producer and Hall of Fame member selected Paul to be Vice President of operations for his production and publishing companies.  During Paul's tenure, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Tammy Wynette had big hits.  "You Were Always On My Mind" was one of the biggest hits of the 80's.

In 1992, Paul retired from the music business and lives in LaGrange, Georgia.

Paul was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2011.

Paul Cochran Was Inducted Into The Georgia Music Hall of Fame 2011

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