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Percy Sledge Concert - Macon, GA
Percy Sledge PerformsTo Large Crowd
At Washington Park - Macon

Percy Sledge Performs In Washington Park -Macon, GA
Photo Credit: Ron Holland

Oct 13, 2013 Macon, GA (GMC)
Ron Holland
The Georgia Music Channel


The fans kept pouring in until Washington Park in Macon was packed to the brim to see the
legendary Percy Sledge.

Percy, born in Leighton, AL, was an orderly for a hospital near Muscle Shoals, AL. when he
met Alan Walden, co-founder of Capricorn Records, publisher, producer and artists manager,
at the hospital who told him, "Percy you're going to be a star!" It was shortly thereafter in
1966 that Walden made good on his word and helped Percy score one of the greatest hit
songs of all times and a #1 hit on the Billboard R & B charts - "When A Man Loves A
Woman". The song peaked at #4 in Europe on the charts and was featured in a Levi Jeans
commercial. It's been covered by Michael Bolton,  Bette  Midler  Barbara Mandrell, Jerry
Butler, Art Garfunkel and others. The hit was shown as #54  on  The Rolling Stones 500
Greatest Songs of all times list. Percy went on to score several other hits throughout his

Around 1968 Walden suggested that Sledge move to Macon and began searching for a
home for him. After finding one in East Macon, but shortly after purchas ing it Walden says
the home was torched. He says, "It was obvious because there was a gasoline trail running in
the front door. He explained there was no media and after attempting to get the law involved
no help was given to determine who did it. Walden feeling as though he was to blame for
what happened, since it was his idea for him to move to Macon, he called Percy to let him
know his home had been burned Walden encouraged him to stay in Alabama.

It was great to meet up with Percy and Alan at the Washington Park concert and so awesome
to see the vast number of people that attended the event.  The park was absolutely packed
with fans.

Alan introduced Percy and asked everybody if they were ready for him....and that he loved
him some Georgia music artists. He asked the crowd if they did and the noise filled the park
in a resilient yes. After the gracious introduc tion, Percy took the stage and thanked
everybody for them supporting his music and for buying his records. He said, "I really
appreciate that $55,000 in royalties that I get.", which brought on laughter.  When sang
"When A Man Love A Woman", the crowd roared, with many singing along. He's such an
humble and gracious person, signing autographs and taking photos with the fans after the

We're proud of Percy's accom plishments and contributions to music throughout the world.
The fans showed their support and love for the man that sung the song that's most likely
joined many woman and man together, especially back in the day.

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