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Miami Dan and The Hayes Street Band
Performs At The Douglass Theatre
Miami Dan and The Hayes Street Band Performs At The Douglass Theatre In Macon, GA August 24, 2013

Date:                 Saturday, August 24, 2013
Venue:               The Douglass Theatre - Macon, GA
Show Time:        7:30pm
Also Appearing: Barry Darnell and the Mobile Slim Band and sunDollar

By Ron Holland - The Georgia Music Channel

Miami  Dan  Yoe  will  be  bringing  great  music  to  Macon,  GA  with a  mix  of  east  and  west
coast  "summer breeze"  in  it.  When  asked, "Yoe  described  the  band’s  music as  a  mixture
of the Beach Boys,  Jimmy Buffett,  and  Rick  Nelson  with  a little Marshall Tucker Band thrown
in for good measure."  Not only is Miami Dan super talented, he  surrounds  himself  with  great
musicians.  Miami Dan & The Hayes Street Band is comprised of  Miami  Dan  Yoe  of   Marietta
(vocals), B. Keith Williams of Macon (guitar, vocals), Billy Ray Rivers of  Macon (drums), Patrick
Yoe of Athens (bass), Dwayne  Boswell of Bonaire (keyboards), Sean Williams of Macon  (bass,
guitar, vocals) and  Brian Yoe of Athens (guitar).  These Georgia boys are  serious about  their
music.  You can count on a terrific show.

They've recorded their  third  album,  "Jericho", to  be  officially released  at  their  performance
August 24th  at  The  Douglas Theatre. The title cut was  selected  for  inclusion  in  the  movie
“Return   of  the  Killer  Shrews”   ( John  Schneider,  James  Best, Bruce  Davison,  Rick  Hurst,
and  Jennifer  Lyons), which  will be  released  this fall.  In addition to his amazing talented band,
Miami  Dan  has  numerous  prominent musicians performing on the album as guests.

From  Georgia,  Randall Bramblett - keys / sax (Traffic, Sea Level, Gov't Mule), Marcus  James
Henderson - sax / flute (The  Marshall  Tucker  Band,  King  Curtis  (sax / flute),  Paul  Hornsby
(engineer), Jez Graham - keys (The Honeys, Summertime Blues Band), Goose Goodrich - bass/
guitar / engineer (Wild Bean Studios), Barry Darnell  - guitar /  producer  (Barry  Darnell  &  The
Mobile Slim Band), Tony Cooper - piano (Big Mike and the Booty Papas,  The  Loose  Skrews),
and Brad Morgan - drums (Drive By Truckers).

Other musicians that performed  on  the  album include David Marks - guitar & producer (Beach Boys),  Randell  Kirsch - guitar / vocals  (Beach  Boys,   Jan   &   Dean),  Gary   Griffin  -   keys/
percussion   (Beach  Boys, Brian  Wilson  Band,  Jan  &  Dean,  Surf  City  AllStars)  and  Philip
Bardowell  - vocals  (Beach  Boys,  Jan  &  Dean,  Surf  City AllStars).  Grammy  award  winning
Mark  Linett  mastered  the  album.  The  CD  includes  8  original  songs  plus  a  cover  of  the
Leiber / Stoller classic, "Neighborhood", as well as a full color 16 page  booklet  including  lyrics
and    photos  from   the   sessions.   You   can   purchase   the   CD  at  or  at   When we spoke with Miami Dan,  he  told  us,  "the  first  song  recorded  for  the
album was "Raised In Carolina". The lyrics and melody fuses two very different styles of music -
Southern Rock  and  Beach  Boys  style  vocals.   This  is  what  we  wanted  to accomplish with
the album. While the cut was recorded at Muscadine Studios with Paul Hornsby as engineer, the
vocals were finished  in  California  using  current  and  former  Beach  Boys  singers  to  do  the
backing vocals to add the sound  we  were  looking  for.  Six  of  the  basic  tracks  on  the album
were  taken  to  California  to  be  worked   on  with   Gary   Griffin,  Randell   Kirsch   and   Philip
Bardowell to help give the vocals a touch of Beach Boys style and sound. Who better to do  that
than those guys, who have all played in the Beach Boys band."

You'll enjoy all the songs from the  album,  but  my  favorite  cut  is  "The Last Time",  which  was
recorded  at   Shadetree   Studios  in  Athens,  GA.  The  melody  to  this  song is  smooth  and
relaxing.  Miami  Dan  explained,  "We  were  going  for  a  60's  vibe  on  this  song,  which  was
inspired by The Dave Clark Five song,  "Because".  Julia Wolff, who does a superb  job  on  this
song, is the  female  lead  vocals.  Another  favorite  is  "Keep  Your  Knickers  On". This  is  the
"rockingest"   track   on   the  album  and  features  a   horn  section  (Elbert  Durham  and  Tom
Harling of Barry's Mobile Slim Band) that is produced  by  Barry Darnell.   Dwayne Boswell is  on
the piano and the B3, Goose Goodrich is  on electric  guitar  and Mary Dorsey is singing backup
vocals.  The album represents some great creative work by Miami  Dan  and  all  the  musicians,
engineers and by all that made contributions to it.  Where can you find an album with this  much
talent and experience throughout the entire album?

Support these great Georgia music  artist  by  attending  their  show  at  the  Douglass  Theatre,
Saturday,   August 24, 2013   and  by  purchasing  their  latest  CD, "Jericho".  "I'll  see  you  on
the  radio"  @,  except  for  Saturday  night  August 24th, then  I'll
see you at the show.

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