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Born in Quonset, RI and raised in Florida. Les Dudek made his way to Macon, Georgia in 1972.

The Beatles caught Les’ ear at an early age. In 1962, at the age of ten, Les asked his parents
for a guitar for Christmas. They bought him an acoustic guitar from Sears & Roebuck. His
musical influences, along with The Beatles, were Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and The Ventures.  He
had built quite a reputation around the Florida area as a proficient guitar player, having started
playing in local bands as a teenager. Those bands were "The United Sounds", "Blue Truth" and
"Power". That reputation would place him in the studio with the Allman Brothers Band for the
recording of the Brothers & Sisters album. He played guitar harmonies with Dickey Betts on the
well-known song "Ramblin' Man" and acoustic guitar on "Jessica".

His next stops were as a guitarist for Boz Scaggs and The Steve Miller Band. Dudek was invited
to play in a supergroup called Journey but he had received an offer to record for Columbia
Records as a solo artist. He recorded four solo albums for Columbia Records, "Les Dudek"
(Debut), "Say No More", "Ghost Town Parade" and "Gypsy Ride". His work was praised by the
critics but widespread fame and success eluded him. He had two minor hits with “City Magic” and
“Old Judge Jones” which were played frequently on local radio stations in the Los Angeles,
California area, where he lived at the time, having moved to West Hollywood in the mid-1970s.

He later collaborated with Cher, Stevie Nicks, and with two other Columbia Artists, Mike
Finnegan and Jim Krueger, with whom he formed DFK (Dudek, Finnegan, and Krueger) in 1978.
A DFK album was released by Columbia Records a year later.

Between the years 1979 and 1982, Les and Cher had a personal as well as professional
relationship. Dudek wrote and performed some of the music for the 1984 movie Mask starring
Cher, Sam Elliott, Eric Stoltz, and Laura Dern. He had a small part in the film as "Bone", a biker.
He has worked for NBC, ABC, ESPN, Fox Sports, and E! Entertainment Television. He can be
heard on many television series including Friends.

In 1989, he did a brief stint with Canadian rock group John Kay & Steppenwolf as their guitarist.
But problems developed between Dudek and Kay which led to him leave the band after a month
of touring.

In 1991 Les played guitar with Stevie Nicks on her "Whole Lot Of Trouble" tour.

Two more solo Cds later, "Deeper Shades Of Blues" and "Freestyle", Dudek hit the road again
with his own band, and has been performing songs from all his records, plus a few hits he's
recorded with other artists. Finally in 2013 he releases another album "Delta Breeze".

Les Dudek is a music legend, who’s contributions have influenced the history of rock’n’ roll. His
powerful guitar and song writing skills can be heard on many famous classic multi platinum
records. Such as:

• The haunting dual lead guitar on “Ramblin Man”, and acoustic guitar on”Jessica”, both from
The Allman Brothers Band, (Brothers & Sisters, Capricorn Records) - Les Dudek.

• The smooth silky guitars on “Lido Shuffle”, “Jump Street”, and “Low Down” from Boz Scaggs
(Silk Degrees, Columbia Records) - Les Dudek.

• “Fly Like An Eagle”, “The Book Of Dreams”, “Living In The 20th Century” and “Wide River”,
(Capital Records), four of Steve Miller Band’s biggest albums, you will be listening to guitar, and
song writing from - Les Dudek.

Dudek has been the guitar strength, and song writer with, Stevie Nicks “Sister Honey”, (Rock A
Little, Atlantic Records), Bobby Whitlock (Rock Your Socks Off, Capricorn Records), Dave
Mason “Get It Right” (Old Crest On A New Wave, Columbia Records), Dudek, Finnigan, &
Krueger, or (DFK) “Just be Happy”, “Just Like The Weather”, & “The Stranger” (Columbia
Records) and Cher “You Know It” & “Don’t Trust That Woman” (Black Rose, Casablanca

Dudek rode his motorcycle in an acting part as “Bone”, and wrote music compositions for Peter
Bogdanovich’s major motion picture, “Mask”, (Universal Pictures).

Besides contributing his recognizable guitar, and song writing talents to other recording artists,
and motion picture projects, Dudek is continuously pursuing his solo career. He signed as a solo
artist with ColumbiaRecords. Les is more, he also has a distinctive singing voice of his own.
Dudek scored two FM radio hits, “City Magic” and “Old Judge Jones”. He has released six
critically acclaimed solo albums, Les Dudek (Debut), Say No More, Ghost Town Parade, Gypsy
Ride, Deeper Shades Of Blues, Freestyle, and now his 7th solo release Delta Breeze.

Les Dudek has dedicated his life to music, as a guitarist, singer, composer, recording artist and
producer, he is true to himself, “My music is my legacy”. Dudek currently enjoys touring the
world, and bringing his music to a city near you.

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Credit: Courtesy of Les Dudek
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