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Lauren Ashley Talks About New Single

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Exclusively On The Georgia Music Channel
Lauren Ashley Releases  Her
Latest Single, "Stirred, Not Shaken"
Ron Holland • August 9, 2013
The Georgia Music Channel

Nashville (GMC) I connected with Lauren Ashley recently and we talked about her new single,
"Stirred, Not Shaken", being released August 13th on iTunes.

I've had the privilege of listening to the entire song and when I heard the first few seconds of the
song I thought, man, Lauren's got a different sound to her music and in a great way too!  I could
hear the depth of rock in the melody, especially with the guitar riffs and her rich, talented voice
giving it a true country flavor.  A slight twist from her past music one the fans are really going to
like. The lyrics sum it up – it’s about a girl that may be challenged through some trying times, a
little down but determined and definitely not out -  "I’m bruised, but I ain’t broken, Lost – nah, you’d
be mistaken. A little stirred, but I ain’t shaken."

About the song, Lauren told us, "I brought up the idea to one of my co-writers, Adriene Smith.  I was
thinking of my personal experiences in my career so far – basically life in general and how tough
and cruel it can be. At the same time,  I'm the kind of person that won't let anything or situation
bring me down or keep me from moving toward my dreams. I'm a fighter and determined to make
my dreams come to life.  With those thoughts, Adriene and I came together and wrote the lyrics to
the song.  We then collaborated with Anthony Focx, who’s worked with Steven Tyler, Aerosmith,
Foreigner, Waylon  Jennings  and  others, to  help  us  nail  down  the melody and produce it.
"Stirred, Not Shaken" is different than anything you'll hear on country radio.  I think everyone can
relate to this song in one form or another."

“I’d like to say thanks to The Georgia Music Channel for being the exclusive source to hear a snippet of my new single, “Stirred, Not Shaken”! The full song was be available on iTunes August
13th and the official video will be released on Youtube and The Georgia Music Channel August
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