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Joey Stuckey's Latest Single Premiering Exclusively On The Georgia Music Channel 
Now Released
By Ron Holland / The Georgia Music Channel
Joey Stuckeys Latest Single Of Blind Man Drivin - Listen To The  Exclusive Snippet  And  Interview On The Georgia Music Channel
Photo Credit: Joey Stuckey

Joey Stuckey is a blind award-winning guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio and television personality, music columnist, educator and sound engineer. He is also the official music ambassador for his home town of Macon GA.

Introduced to music at an early age, Joey's mother listened to opera and his father enjoyed country music. Years ago Joey would listen to the radio show "After Space". Rob Thomas hosted the show and it was his and other shows that let Joey know that music was what he wanted to do with his life.

Since then he has recorded several albums, including "Take A Walk In The Shadows" (1995), "Ironies, Pain And The Light That Guides" (1999), "Live And Stuff" (2000), "Live And More Stuff" (2001), "Oceanside" (2009), and his latest release, "The Shadow Sound" (2011). His band, The Joey Stuckey Band, has opened for legends such as Trisha Yearwood, The B-52's, James Brown, Clarence Carter, Wet Willie, Ted Nugent and others.

He is currently involved with students, instructing them on guitar, voice, music theory, and sound engineering and also works as a professor of music technology at Mercer University. No stranger to musical theater, he was the music director for Macon State College’s production of "The Rocky Horror Show" in the fall of 2002. January 2015, he released his pop rock single, "Love In A Turnstile", co-written with Rob Fenimore. A great song influenced by The Beatles, Bare Naked Ladies and Aimee Mann.

We caught up with Joey to talk about that single, another new release and to discuss his upcoming UK Tour.

An Interview With Joey Stuckey

Ron: Joey, it's so great to talk with you again. You let the great talent you have show in
         your song, "Love In A Turnstile". How did that song come about and what was it
         like co-writing with one your long time friends Rob Fenimore?

Joey: It was a true privilege to work with Rob, I have been his engineer for many of his
          recording projects and he has filled in on bass in my band from time to time and
          we have been good friends for 15 years or more. We always said we were going
          to do a project together and we finally did. The best partnerships are those that
          bring something new out of you, that assist you to share a part of your musical
          ability you haven't tapped into before and that is what Rob does for me. He is a
          true artist in every sense of the word, a great person and a heck of a bassist!

Ron: You guys nailed it with that song. I understand that you have a UK Tour coming up.
         Tell us about that and your latest new single that you'll be releasing in the UK
         during your tour.

Joey: I am very excited to have been asked by the University of London to come to the
          UK to speak and perform in March of this year. I will be sharing my story, music
          and inspiration of overcoming adversity as a blind person and brain tumor
          survivor with a group of music educators and blind music students from around
          the world. Folks are coming from as far away as Africa and Australia. My new
          single that will be released in March and premiere on The Georgia Music
          Channel is called "Blind Man Drivin". It's the official theme song of the
          conference I am participating in at the University of London. It is a blues/rock
          anthem that is a lot of fun to play.

Ron: That's a great honor Joey, those in attendance are in for a real big treat. Who are
         the writers of the song, or is it written exclusively by you?

Joey: It's interesting, until 2010 I never co wrote anything because it is so hard to find
          folks to work with that have the same sense of work ethic that I subscribe to.
          But, in 2010 I started writing with long time friend and keyboard player for the
          Joey Stuckey Band, Tom Rule and that album "Mixture" went to number 9 on the
          CMJ top 40 jazz charts and stayed there for 5 weeks in 2013. I then got a chance
          to work with another long time friend Henry Oliner by signing him to my publish-
          ing company. Henry had a lot of very clever songs and " Blind Man Drivin"  was
          one of those. Henry wrote that song just for me and I loved it and decided to do
          an album of songs mostly written by Henry for my next project. I used his song
          and I arranged them, produced them and of course performed them. The single is
          "Blind Man Drivin" and the full 10 song album will be out in September of this year
          in celebration of GA music month and my "Alive Day", which is the day I celebrate
          every year as the day they removed my brain tumor! And of course, as we talked
          about earlier I have also started writing with Rob Fenimore.

Ron: Are you the producer? And was the song recorded at Shadow Sound Studio in

Joey: Oh Yes, I always record, mix and master at my studio. In 2013, I got a major facelift
          for my studio and I have the kind of set up you would expect to find in Nashville,
          NYC and LA right here in historic downtown Macon, I even got a new Baby Grand
          Piano last fall.

Ron: Yea, your studio is one "jam up and jelly tight" studio, for sure. I didn't know you
         got a new Baby Grand Piano - that's awesome. How did the UK Tour come about
         and when will you be releasing " Blind Man Drivin' "  in the United States?

Joey: The UK trip came about because the University of London reached out to me in
          regard to a research paper they were doing on blind musicians. Out of this paper
          the conference grew and there is even talk of a book coming out of that same
          research. The single will hit worldwide March 12th.

Ron: I'm excited to let everyone know that Joey and The Georgia Music Channel are
         partnering up to allow fans to hear a snippet of the song, exclusively on The
         Georgia Music Channel's website. It's the only place you can hear any part of
         " Blind Man Drivin' ". The more fans that listen to the snippet, the more of the
         song that will open up to be heard, until the entire song will open up for fans to
         hear. So everybody, be sure to tell your friends and spread the news on social
         media about it so we can get the song to open up and play in its entirety.

Joey: I am so proud to know the great folks at The Georgia Music Channel. I love what
          you guys are doing and I wanted to give you guys the first chance to let your fans
          hear the new song because I appreciate you promoting the amazing talent we
          have here in Georgia!!!

Ron: Thanks Joey, it's always a pleasure talking with you. You've been keeping busy,
         but that's your style and you wouldn't have it any other way. I know how much
         music motivates you and how inspired you are with the various aspects of the
         music industry. Whether it's writing, live performances, recording, producing or
         giving voice lessons, you put your all into it and it shows in the final product of
         your work. Thank you for being with us today and we wish you only the best with
         the tour and the new release.

Joey: Thanks my friend. I always look forward to visiting with you guys.

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