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Jacob Poole Competes In Elimination Duet With Matthew Schuler
On NBC's The Voice - Who Did Christina Choose?
October 15, 2013
Ron Holland
The Georgia Music Channel

The Battle Rounds were last Tuesday night and the elimination duets with Jacob Poole
and Matt Schuler began with them singing "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark".
The performance by Matthew and Jacob was high energy with both doing an excellent
job. After their performance the host, Carson Daly, said, "Christina's got a very difficult
decision", asking Celo what he thought. Celo said, "No average artist can perform with
that pace and intensity and still keep the chops. Kudos to the both of you. I love the
choreography. It's one of the best battles I've ever seen, I mean I've never seen tryout
participation like that. "Adam's viewpoint was, "That was a musical ass whipping. That
was crazy. Going into this Matthew, you were one of my favorites, however Jacob you
did rival Matthew today and no one got their ass whipped on that stage. WE just got our
asses whipped out here. However I'd still go with Matthew because he was one of my
favorites in the beginning. "Blake said, "I mean that really was an ass whipping. I was
waiting for someone's noses to start bleeding - like a little bit of blood, like so much
intensity. I actually wanted to spend more time talking about Jacob, because this is a
one chair turn and it's shocking to me now. I'm sorry y'all, I'm more impressed by what
Jacob just did up there."

This was Christina's team and she had to make a choice.  She said, "First of all both of
you blew everybody away. We knew going into this the song's like a machine gun. It just
keeps coming, coming, coming and you have to be really consistent and on point and
you got, I mean really, to the "fi-i-i-re" (singing it), to stay consistent in that is like crazy.
That was a lot to focus on, to think about. You both are so beyond crazy talented and I
thank you for just taking in everything that I had to give and making it happen."

When asked by Carson who the winner of this battle was Christina struggled for a
moment, then she chose Matthew.  Carson asked Jacob if he had anything to say to
Christina. Jacob commented, "We mirror imaged each other, I feel like, on the love of
music, the artistry and everything you gave me. I'm ready to give back to the world, even
if it's not on this show, I'm ready to take it everywhere I go."

Afterwards Blake said, "that was a tough one for me. I feel like he (Jacob) really stepped
up to the plate. I wish I had a steal, he's definitely somebody I would have saved."

Jacob's talent is well beyond amazing. He has all the elements to take his music career
to another level. We have no doubt that he will. Thanks to Jacob for representing
Georgia on NBC's The Voice and for giving the fans a stellar performance.

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