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GABBAFest 2013 A Big Hit With The Fans

Ron Holland
The Georgia Music Channel


Macon,GA October 12, 2013 (GMC)
The  Georgia  Allman Brothers Band  Association -
GABBAFest 2013  is  upon Macon, GA and the Allman Brothers Band fans are buzzing
the city.  After all, the mission of GABBA and this event is to promote and perpetually
preserve the history of the ABB's musical heritage.  Not only ABB fans attend though,
music fans in general that love southern rock music and rock music lovers come to cel-
ebrate that  heritage  with  a  variety  of outstanding southern rock, rock and blues bands,
to listen to jam sessions at The Big House  by  many  notable  and legendary musicians,
where you'd rarely get an opportunity to see that happen, attend an auction to get ABB
rare memorabilia and other great items (all for  a  good  cause), and to tour sites sur-
rounding the music heritage of Macon.

Saturday afternoon members from a variety of bands took the stage at The Big House to
jam. We  were  fortunate  to have met up with Les Dudek,  Bo Ponder,  Barry  Richman,
Lefty Collins,  Michael Galloway,  Bill Pound,  Greg Brooks, Chance Royal, Dave Pierson,
John Howard - just to name a few from various bands that took the stage. As we talked
all reflected on the days of when The Allman Brothers lived in Macon and the musical
heritage during that era.
From landscaper and Allman Brothers fan to president of GABBA, director and founder of
The Big House Museum, Greg Potter told  Ron  Holland  with  The  Georgia Music Channel,
"We're just a big happy family of Allman Brothers Band fans and I'm so glad to be a part of it.
GABBA finally turned legal, we're now 21 years old." Greg described how humble he is by the
support from all the fans for the annual GABBAFest and the rich heritage that the  organiza-
tion has set out to preserve of the The Allman  Brothers  Band's musical heritage.  We met a
couple from Finland that  has attended  GABBAFest since 1999. They told me how exciting it
is to come every year to hear the music, meet up with friends  and  talk  with the music

The shows last Friday night with The Peacheaters, The Lefty Collins  Band  and  The  Barry
Richman  Band  at  the  567 Center were absolutely great shows and Saturday night was
no exception.

Alan  Walden,  legendary  producer,  publisher,  songwriter, artists manager and who
launched Capricorn Records with his   brother   Phil   Walden   and  Frank  Fenter  gave
the introduction to Saturday's night's show.  You  can  find  out more about Alan and the
significant accomplishments and contributions he has made, not only to Georgia music,
but music worldwide on our "Georgia Music Artists" Songwriters and Producers page here.

When Alan introduced Boogie Chillun' to the stage the crowd roared. Laraine  Potter,
secretary  for  the  Georgia  Allman Brothers  Association  -  GABBA  told  us,  When
"Boogie Chillun' gets on stage, it's going to be fantastic to see and hear them." The group
had not performed since 1970, but when Bill Pound, Asa Howard and the guys took the stage
you would have never known it had been that  long  since they had played together. They
sounded incredible and got the crowd going with great performances of their original music
and cover songs such as  "One Way Out"  by  The Allman Brothers Band and "New
Orleans Lady" by Le Roux.  The soulful, blues sound from their total performance wooed
the crowd who was glad to see them back on stage.

Before headliner Les Dudek took the stage an auction was held   for   special   and   unique
Allman Brothers Band memorabilia. The Allman Brothers Band tour jacket was just one of the
many items that ABB fans bidded on.

Then, Les Dudek took the stage with his band and wasted no time to absolutely show the
talent that the fans know him so well for. His performance  was the essence of  southern
rock music, with his original songs from  his  album  "Delta Breeze" and other albums.  What
he can do to make a guitar talk is beyond amazing. The crowd went crazy over his perform-

Les Dudek moved to Macon, GA in the early 1970's, after the untimely death of Duane
Allman, and played guitar for The Allman  Brothers  album   "Brothers   and   Sisters",
recorded at Capricorn Records, playing harmony with Dickey Betts on the  hits  "Ramblin'
Man"  and the intro acoustic guitar  on  "Jessica".  He's been  the  guitarist  for  Boz
Scaggs, The Steve Miller Band and was asked to  play  with Journey but landed a Columbia
Record deal as a solo artist.

He's collaborated with Cher, Stevie Nicks  and  other  artists. His latest album is "Delta
Breeze". He'll be headlining  at  the 567 Center Saturday night.   Find out more about Les

GABBA has been  around  since 1992 and GABBA has done a great job each year having
excellent  bands  and music at the GABBAFest.  Additionally, they have given back to the
community funding and  deeds  that  embrace preserving  the  musical heritage of the ABB
while improving  the  community  and peoples lives. Click here and read a few of their
accomplishments since they organized It's great to  know  that  money spent  by  the  fans,
donors and   sponsors   and   for   the memberships to GABBA have done so  much for a
community and to preserve  the history  of  these  great  Georgia music artists.

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