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 Mothers Finest  - Georgia Hall of Fame Inductees

 About Mothers Finest

It can be said that Mothers Finest is  a  funk  rock  band, but  the  truth  is  their  music  goes
beyond  all   genres and categories having a unique style of its own. The band's sound is a  mix
of  funk, rock, heavy   metal and soul blended together in a way only they can  create.  Anyone
listening  to  their  music  must   be  dead  if they're not tappin' there toes or moving their body to
the beat.  Their  live  performances  are   energizing and full of enthusiasm with every member
giving  it  all  they've  got  when  on  stage.  Mix  all   that  together  and you've got a band that
drives home the music  they  create  and  a  demonstration  of   how  much  they  love playing
their music and entertaining the fans.  Moses Mo said, "The fans never let   us down and their
excitement just fuels the fire!  I love watching Joyce sing her heart out and the  others  getting
the groove on."

Mothers Finest began in the early 1970's in Atlanta, GA, with Joyce Kennedy  and  Glen Murdock
as  a   duo at the time  having a  desire  to  put  a  band  together.  When the  dust  settled,
Joyce  "Baby Jean"   Kennedy,  Glen  "Doc"  Murdock,  Gary  "Moses  Mo"  Moore  and  Jerry
"Wyzard" Seay  began  writing   songs.  The mixture of  their  various  creative  "juices"  resulted
into  their unique  powerhouse  sound.    In  1972,  their  self   titled   debut  album  was  "Mothers
Finest", on  RCA records,  with Kennedy (lead   vocals),  Murdock (lead  vocals), Moore (lead
guitar), Seay (bass guitar), Mike Keck (keyboards)  and   Donnie   Vosburg (drums).  The  album
never got off the ground.

Around 1976 Mothers Finest was performing at Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom in Atlanta. Tom
Werman, a producer for Epic Records  was  in  Atlanta.  Having  been  recommended  the  band,
he  went  to  the   Ballroom to listen to  see  their  performance.  Werman  was  so amazed  at
their  performance  that  he   signed Mothers Finest immediately and produced their  first  Epic
album  titled   "Mothers Finest."    With   Tom  as   producer, they  went  on  to  record  three  gold
records,  "Another Mother Further"  (1976-77),   "Mother Factor" (1978)  and  "Mothers Finest
Live" (1979).  During  this  time  with  Epic,   B .B. "Queen"   Borden  (Barry Steven Borden) had
joined the band as drummer.

Mothers Finest would go on to record over 17 albums and toured Europe  and  several  other
countries.    They shared the stage with groups like Santana, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent and
numerous  others, stealing   the show often with their thunderous, dominant rhythm and
entertaining stage presence.

The current members are Joyce "Baby Jean" Kennedy (lead vocals), Glen "Doc" Murdock  (lead
vocals),   Gary "Mose Mo" Moore (lead guitar), Jerry "Wyzard" Seay (bass  guitar), John Hayes
(guitar)  and  Dion   Murdock (drums/percusson).

Their shows today are as energetic as they  were  back when they  were playing Alex  Cooleys
Electric Ballroom and the venues are packed wherever they appear.

Moses, Mo tells us, "We are writing for a new Mothers Finest  album, it's  our  main  focus.  We
recently   released a "Live" performance compilation CD entitled "MF4D."  We chose songs we
had recorded with various members over our career, most of which had never been released in
the USA and added a bonus studio track of "Funkawhile."

Mothers Finest was inducted into the  Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2011.  It  was  the  band's
honor to have Alex Cooley make the induction during the ceremony in Atlanta.

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MOSES MO...& Mothers Finest.
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Atlanta Peachtree Street 2011
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Lovely Days Festival Weisen, Austria 2011
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