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Brian Collins

Brian Collins Band

If you like Zac Brown, Lady Antebellum, or Blackberry Smoke, then……
You are going to LOVE Brian Collins!

As  his  genuinely  southern  sound   suggests,  Brian Collins  was  born  and  raised  in  West  Georgia.  The soulful quality of his voice  gives  meaningful  expression  to  songs  that  bend the  lines  of  genre between Americana, southern rock, R&B and blue-eyed soul. However, the depth of his writing and the broadness of his perspective attest to his worldliness, as Collins is just as much a  traveler  as  he  is  a small town, southern boy. This duplicity is present in all aspects of his career, as he is a master of many industry roles.

While playing and fervently studying music was  his  refuge  as  a  child,  his  interests  merged  into  the entrepreneurial as he developed his skills as a producer and engineer. As such, artists the likes  of  Skid Row, Nic Cowan, Zac Brown and T.I have sought his professionalism and expertise in production.

However, he foremost remains a singer and songwriter. His  ambition is  evidenced  in  his  lyrics,  which reflect an introspective, honest, and hopeful nature without being saccharine or trite.

As a result of Brian’s  versatility,  he  has  shared  stages  with  KISS,  Angie  Aparo,  James  Otto,  Colin Hay (of Men At Work), Zac Brown, Nic Cowan,  Marshall  Tucker  Band,  Kip  Moore,  Georgia  Satellites, Edwin McCain, REHAB, Blackberry Smoke, Matt Stillwell, Shawn Mullins,  and  Lynyrd  Skynyrd,  among others. But his successes are not limited to the notable musicians with whom he is involved; they extend to the growing number of fans who are moved by his music.

The  Brian  Collins  Band  is  backed  powerfully  by  Alex  “Rockwell”  Jacobs  on  lead  guitar  and  Mike Hankins on keys. Together the three bonded over  a  relationship  defined  by  dynamic  songwriting  and mutual respect. The band is known best for their charismatic and lively  performances,  which  draws  an increasingly large and loyal fan base.

                      Courtesy of Brian Collins. © Copyright Brian Collins. All Rights Reserved.

Brian Collins Performs "Cocktail Cove"

Brian Collins Performs "Oklahoma Bound" With Vanessa Oliverez

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