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BEAU LUCI , Organic Rock, Indie-Pop and Modern Country Music Sister Duo Sensation Get Ready To Release Their Debut Album


  Singer-songwriters, BEAU + LUCI are sisters from Waycross, Georgia, a small town
  in Southeast Georgia. In 2013, the excitement around the girls career really began
  building, resulting in the addition of key players to the BEAU +LUCI team in early
  2014. While recording originals and publishing cover songs on YouTube, BEAU +
  LUCI caught the attention of Michael Jackson’s long-time publicity agency in New
  York City; through Michael Castello, VP at Susan Blond, Inc. NYC, they drew the
  interest of Trace Thomas and the legendary music facilities of
  located at the famous KDS Studios in Orlando FL, which has achieved over 176
  million R.I.A.A. certified record sales and has brought to market such superstars
  as Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Pink, and the Backstreet Boys, while
  clients have also included Prince, Madonna, Colbie Callet, Maroon 5, and The Voice
  TV Series.

  The BEAU + LUCI dream team also includes New York entertainment attorney
  Amanda Mitchell Self and worldwide executive promoter, Sharon Winslow
  (Atlanta/New Jersey), local resident Brian Fey as a key investment group man-
  ager, and Will Denton, former Waycross native and now veteran Nashville, TN
  music professional that will continue to guide and facilitate networking in the
  Nashville market. 2014 will include new music and videos, worldwide marketing,
  radio tours, national and international gigs, and the opportunity to meet new
  friends and fans all over the world.

  “Working with Trace at KDS Studio and building our team is a dream come true,”
  says Luci. “Great things are coming, and we couldn’t be more excited to be work-
  ing with our management and investment team!”

  “The history and reputation of all involved is a bit intimidating for two small town
  girls,” admits Beau, “but we do what we can, one step at a time - God handles the

  Masterlab Super Producer Trace Thomas says, “BEAU + LUCI represent a com-
  pelling new entry into the Organic Rock, Indie - Pop and Modern Country Music
  arena with their debut. With their natural beauty, grace and a touch of sass, the
  chemistry was present from the start. There’s a certain indescribable magic that's
  found only in siblings, but not in ever sibling group.  I’ve only seen it once before,
  when I worked  with the Bee Gees, and it’s something one can’t put a finger on, but
  it’s there.”

  Previously, the two sisters were doing live music sets as founding members and
  lead vocalists of the Crossroads Worship Band and put together music sets as
  weekly worship leaders for Crossroads Student Ministry. In late 2011, they began
  writing their own music and became aware of artist development programs. These
  programs, starting in Atlanta and reaching to Los Angeles, helped connect them
  with a creative director, and a mentoring friend from Australia, Dana Stewart
  which eventually landed them in Los Angeles. Recording at the West Hollywood
  studio frequented by Good Charlotte's own Benji and Joel Madden, BEAU + LUCI
  worked with Jason Fleming and Jared "Ark Angel" Poythress to produce their
  debut EP "Rules of Society" in late 2012.

  Their first EP, "Rules Of Society", released to iTunes in 2013, consisting of a mix
  of pop beats and heartfelt ballads, clearly introduces BEAU + LUCI's love of music,
  family and their diversity of style and technique. The song "First Kiss" reminds
  listeners of youthful days and carefree bliss, with elements of classic rock-inspired
  guitar riffs. The title track, "Rules of Society", pushes back on notions of normality
  and good-naturedly questions socially accepted norms of popularity and success
  while declaring, "it's only one time that you're young and free", as a state of mind,
  not as a quantifiable age.

  In "Trouble with Cupid", the girls find the little man is not the angel they thought
  he was and they challenge this mischievous cherub to stop playing games of
  misdirected affection for his own enjoyment. The song is a lighthearted way at
  looking at relationships and finding humor in the reality of "wrong place, wrong

  BEAU + LUCI have been recording new music in the Atlanta-Gainesville GA area
  with Mark Dowdy of Rivercrest Music, Inc., while shooting videos, doing inter-
  views and of course performing, while strategically working on the business
  side of planning and administering their musical career and also launching the
  BEAU + LUCI OneHeart Project.  Being very personal and close to their heart, the
  BEAU + LUCI One Heart Project is founded on four principles: "Create Hope,
  Inspire Joy, Encourage Faith and Share Love."  The mission statement for the girl's
  project is a quote from Mother Teresa: "Do not think that love, in order to be
  genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.  Be
  faithful in the small things, because it is in them that our strength lies", while the
  call to action, another Mother Teresa quote, is focused on the heart of the person in
  need as much as it is the heart of the provider: "We think that sometimes poverty is
  only being hungry, naked and homeless.  The poverty of being unwanted, unloved
  and uncared for is the greatest poverty of all."  BEAU + LUCI are working to make a
  difference in the world.

  Speaking of inspiration, when asked about the genre of music,  BEAU + LUCI look
  to the "Man In Black", Johnny Cash.  He said in his last interview, "I could never let
  myself think that (rock and country as two different things). I can't put myself in
  a box or a basket when I'm working. I'm really trying to prove that there aren't
  categories you have to stay in, that you can branch out. You can touch others out
  there that have not been listening to you if you keep trying."

  Get ready for BEAU + LUCI'S debut album release, an exciting album that
  showcases this Georgia duo's amazing songwriting and vocals.  Check out their
  website & social media platforms.  




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